The accelerator tuning from DTE provides a dynamic response – free of any delay for all modern day vehicles.


Better Acceleration

from 0 to 60 km/h eg. Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 TD

The original from DTE

The PedalBox optimizes the accelerator characteristics of modern vehicles and unlocks the vehicle’s full potential.

With the PedalBox, the vehicle reacts much faster to incoming signals from the accelerator pedal.

And with an improved throttle response, the driver can speed up and overtake more easily.

Suitable for all modern vehicles
  • With an electronic accelerator pedal
  • With petrol or diesel, turbo or compressor engine, hybrid or electric drive.
  • With manual, automatic or dual clutch transmission
  • 4 driving modes with over 20 different settings
  • Acceleration free of any delay
  • For a sporty and dynamic driving experience
  • All programs can be adjusted according to the driver’s needs
  • The PedalBox carries the CE and ECE markings and complies with the EMC 2014/30/EU directive
  • The PedalBox is free of registration in Europe
  • The PedalBox is programmed specifically to the vehicle and supplied as complete set including mounting bracket


The PedalBox can be individually fine-tuned to the driver’s needs with the program selection buttons.

Selection & Settings

Choosing the favorite driving program is easy with DTE’s PedalBox.

Drivers can select various, specially tuned and fully customizable driving modes – just with a simple push of a button.

More Individuality

With the plus and minus buttons, each program can be individually adjusted on the driver’s request.

o A multi-colour backlit LED displays the selected driving setting. With more than 20 different available combinations, each driver can find his favorite program and setting.


For more driving fun with the PedalBox, you only need one thing: the right setting.


the CITY mode is perfectly suited to the stop-start traffic in urban areas. It ensures better low-speed throttle response whilst also programmed to deliver better consumption.


The SPORT mode increases the throttle acceleration already clearly and is suitable for most driving situations. The engine reacts much faster, which is most evident when pulling off overtaking.


The SPORT+ mode unlocks the best possible throttle response the vehicle has to offer and is available throughout the entire rev range. The response is designed for the best performance.


The STOCK mode sets the vehicle in default setting.

Fine adjustments

Each program can be increased individually through up to 3 levels (LEDs light up red) and reduced by 3 levels (LED’s light up green).

How it works

The PedalBox is placed at the center console always within the reach of the driver.

Quickly installed and ready to start

The PedalBox is installed in just a few steps: The two original PedalBox plugs are connected to the accelerator pedal electronic in the vehicle. After installation, the PedalBox is immediately ready for use.

Thanks to the supplied mount, the PedalBox is always placed within the reach of the driver With the enclosed adhesive pads, the PedalBox can be easily fixed and, e.g. when changing the vehicle, removed without residue.

Release your throttle

The accelerator pedal tuning from DTE Systems is available in 2 different variants: PedalBox and PedalBox+.

  • 4 different driving modes to optimize the throttle response.
  • More than 20 different combinations are available
  • Memory function, saves the last selected setting

New PerfecTune

Automatic Custom Tuning

For a perfect tuning result, the PedalBox+ can be automatically customized. With PerfecTune, all programs will adapt perfectly to each vehicle. In easy steps and with pressing down the throttle, the PedalBox+ automatically auto-calibrates to the accelerator’s characteristics.

In simple steps and with an accelerator pedal movement from zero to 100 percent, the PedalBox+ automatically self-adjusts to every vehicle.

Additionally and exclusive for PedalBox+
  • PerfecTune: Individual custom tuning for your vehicle
  • High-quality design with soft-touch feel
  • Even more precise with the latest DSP technology
  • Suitable for the latest digital accelerators

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