’68 Camaro SS RS Custom Audio

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I like to think outside the box, and when one of my biggest clients and best friends says hey, I need some tunes in a car I just finished restoring. My mind starts whirrrrring. How can we be creative, how can we be innovative and how can it just be BADA$$. Well I went to work on an idea that had been looming in my head for quite some time. I wanted to turn a spare tire into a Sub-enclosure. But then where do we put all the amps and wiring….. hmmmm

Starting with a Craftsman Tool Box I created a small 1/4” aluminum amp rack complete with inline fuse holder. I knew that our ARC Audio Amplifiers were going to generate some heat so I installed an entry and exit fan at the bottom to keep the air flowing. Then by adding connections to the backside of the tool box it gave the illusion that this was just an ordinary old box sitting in the trunk.

Moving forward I installed ARC Audio 6.5 Separates in the kick panels where the Fresh air vents once were. Running the show is a Vintage Sound Camaro replacement deck with I-Pod Connection. This unit has been a bit problematic so we will be updating this soon.

Turning my attention back to the Sub Enclosure I chose a single Morel CF-Ultimo 12. After taking some measurements I found that the stock spare tire had just enough air space to create the sound I was looking for. I carefully took a mold of the original BF Goodrich Radial T/A and Steel wheel and then sent that over to my good friend Jason Prouty at Garage 31 for a little massaging and paint work. As you can see by the pictures he nailed it!

The details are incredible and at first glance you cannot even tell that it isn’t real. Mission accomplished. Now back in my hands, a big ‘ol hole was cut underneath and some dampening foam installed for tuning. Dropped in the Morel CF12 Subwoofer and fired it up! Music to my ears. After adjusting the in-line fuse Amperage we were ready to clean up our mess and head our for a cruise! Thanks again Sean for always trusting my crazy ass ideas! Also be sure to cruise over to the Garage 31 Facebook Page and give Jason a Like!